Store Inspirations-Part I

Ever since I started conjuring the idea that I’ll open a shop, I started visiting fabulous cities & checking out their wonderful home décor shops. It gives me a visual of what I want my shop to be when it grows up (or in my case, when it’s born). These places are awesome! Of course I have my own vision, but they sure give me a lot of inspiration.

Jayson Home & Garden in Chicago is already very popular and for very good reasons, of course.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of this shop, Zella Brown (which happens to be one of Home Décor Buyer’s retail stars of 2007). What a feat, I’m so jealous! But so well deserved. Here’s a piece at the store, a media cabinet from Shine.

Honorable mentions are Porte Rouge (all Parisian items) and Willow, a shop specializing in tabletop items & small accents.

In Seattle, I saw Maison Luxe for the first time. This place is really glam.



I also saw the most beautiful decoupage pieces & learned about the John Derian Company at Sirenza. Sirenza is not a home décor store but a fragrance & bath shop. I only took a picture of their sign, which I thought looks vintage & cool.
More to come: New Orleans, Paris, Philippines and more.

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