Decorating your Tree with Your Favorite Things

My wish list this Christmas is not that long. A Kooba black purse, French Rosetta stone, a new luggage set, paloma picasso bezel cut earrings, stacked heel j. crew brown boots, a cartier watch, a new linen & comforter set (better yet if it comes with a bed for our place in Austin), any unique Williams-Sonoma kitchen gadget (even if I don’t cook, they are just so cool). So, did I mention it’s not long? I’ve never been an impulsive buyer & believes in delayed gratification (not too delayed though) & although my fiancee thinks I shop too much (oh gosh, he should have seen those women with 10 bags at Barton Creek yesterday), I’ll have to wait until I can fulfill my wish list.

At least I can decorate our Christmas tree with my favorite things. Now, these things I can afford… right away:

From Urban Outfitters & at $4.99 each. Reeses peanut butter cup…yum, my thirst quencher, a Diet coke & colorful & cutesy cupcakes.

I love yellow & I love bird themes, this yellow bird from Anthropologie is just right. It’s pretty pricey though at $18.

I haven’t mentioned that I would like a Vespa, too. Bu this one would do for now.

I still love those adorable traditional trees with gorgeous ornaments, whether they’re traditional keepsakes or vintage finds. But I think decorating your Christmas tree with ornamnets of your favorite things showcases your quirky side & makes the holidays more warm & cozy.

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