Ah-mazing Hues for 2009!

I might be a tad late on blogging about color trends for 2009. Cocokelley has been reporting about it for two week’s now and Sarah Klassen’s take on it is very interesting. But what the heck, another one won’t hurt.

Here are Design & Decor’s (a resource magazine for independent retailers & interior designers) picks. Drumroll…..

Sunny Hues:

The economy has probably been downright gloomy but there’s nothing more cheery than the vibrant yellow. Pantone calls it Mimosa, their 2009 color of the year.

I seriously thought, mellow yellow was 2008’s color. Remember my canary birdcage & table?
True Blue:

From dark to bright, the experts states expect this color to be include in any pallete. They name a striking hue”Dignity” dubbed as an all American blue.

Purple Royal:

Eggplants & plums. This color has never been a personal favorite but this rich hue is amazing in this purple-lacquered wood chair by Deluxe.

Flamingo Pink:

From fashion to interior design, all style predictions point to this bright & lovely color.


In celebration of the most important renewable resource, aquamarine, soft blues with hints of green are going to be everywhere. Restoration hardware has loved this color for soooo long.

In 2009, it seems like brights are in and drab colors are out. There’s no sense getting gloomy with the economic downtrend. I love the color predictions this year. Uptrend!
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