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House Beautiful’s February 2009 issue showcases the living rooms of several designer bloggers. Ok, I’m not an interior designer, architect or decorator but I still think I did pretty good with my living room . There’s no designer wallpaper or a vintage artifact from interesting travels or an heirloom from a great Aunt. Just beautiful, certainly not-pricey pieces that just go together. I just couldn’t find myself buying thousand dollar pieces no matter how chic and cool that would be. I wanted to during my first (and only one so far…hopefully not the last) visit at the Les Puces in Paris, I was overwhelmed by beautiful authentic pieces but just the freight charges itself almost gave me a heart attack .I was able to afford their old postcards though. Those are the ones featured in the wrought iron dress form. Now the dress form, I got for a steal at a local Mexican garden shop selling patio furniture and chimaneas. Also the dwarf ferns in moss-covered pots. I love my white tufted salon chair from Ethan Allen as well as the white starfishes and coral tree my sister-in-law (would be) got from her Florida trip. The distressed, architectural-looking mirror is from a small, furniture store in my old town. Chic books courtesy of Amazon; Living Yoga by Christy Turlington, So Chic from Margaret Russel , Modern Glamour by Kelly Wearstler and Design Alchemy by Ashley & Allegra Hicks.
Ahh, I can only dream of $3400 Helena Rubenstein’s Lucite chairs right now or flea market trips in Europe. Maybe next time, I can afford accent and even furniture pieces and not be afraid of the freight charges…

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