My Valentine Winter Market Event

I hope everybody had a fabulous time celebrating Valentine’s day over the weekend. I missed all the blogs about heart day. Mine was definitely eventful, I wish I could say, romantically…

I spent it in Vegas for an alma mater reunion. Had a blast catching up, eating heartily (and I always regret it), sniffed second hand smoke, played the tables attempting to look like a pro and what else? I went to the Las Vegas Market Winter Show. My very first time. The place is huge! Furniture & Decor Mecca!

I came in on a Thursday & knew that I won’t have enough time to scope everything so I did come in somewhat prepared just focusing on the vendors I’ve been dying to see. I did see some showrooms that were new to me, some were inspiring & some not. Here’s a photo collage of the trip. It’s a little dizzying as there’s so much to see!

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About Maureen

Details are my passion. From curating vignettes to designing spaces. I thrive in finding the finds and just discovered the art of collecting...all while sipping on a cafe au lait & a french macaroon in hand.

2 thoughts on “My Valentine Winter Market Event

  1. Sarah, ur so lovely.Thanks for thinking about me… I’m well just a tad stressed out with my other business. You’re right about the sea of product. I love, love home boutique shopping but when it’s this much…not so much:)

  2. It can be a tad overwhelming to say the least! After awhile, did you stop being able to see/distinguish things?
    It can become a sea of product…but on the other hand, inspirational for sure! I’ve been thinking about you, and hope that you and loved ones are well 🙂

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