Inside an Artist’s Mind: Dallas Shaw

Coinciding with my new venture is my attempt to rekindle my creativity ( I remember drawing & painting for endless hours as a child). So, this week, I am truly inspired to feature an extraordinary artist, Dallas Shaw. You may have seen her work around at Etsy or when she & her work was featured in, Real Living & Apartment Therapy. I thought getting into her mind would somehow rub off her talent to me! I’m not greedy though so I’ll share them with all of you!
My favorites from her Etsy shop: Vintage shirt, Vintage Brown, J, crew shoes, Tights.
1. What or who inspired you to be an artist?
“Originally when I was in middle school I wanted to work for Walt Disney World animation. So, I worked really hard until I was good enough to do that. I did draw in their animation building for a bit before making a very different career choice. I had alot of support from parents and teachers when I was young.”

2. How and when did you discover your talent for art?

“My second grade teacher would give us many hands on activities, and pointed out to me that my drawing skills were more advanced than the others around me. She hung my pictures on the board and was a real eye opener for me at a really young age. She told me if I kept drawing I would keep getting better- and that’s what happened!”

3. If you weren’t an artist, what other career path would you have chosen?

“I would be a stylist. I’d probably own a boutique and bring in my favorite choices. It would be amazing- I assure you.”

It shows, doesn’t it? Just look at her fabulous fashion sketches.

4. How would you describe your work?

“Very feminine, and stylish. I hope.”

Stylish indeed! Some of her favorite work, All Keys & Full-Full
5. Who do you think is the greatest artist in these modern times?
” That’s a huge question. Art is really different- so while one person might think they are the “greatest”, it doesn’t fit someone else’s taste. I am not sure who the greatest artist in modern time is… but I can tell you who I’m inspired by right now? I love Stina Persson, David Downton and mostly fashion illustrators- I think all of the fashion influences show in the large acrylic pieces. “

6. Your Bio states that you draw inspiration from the Fashion & Music Industries. Who is your Fashion Icon? Music Icon?

“My fashion icon, right now (this changes by season) would have to be Diane Von Furstenberg or Phillip Lim…. As far as mucic goes I don’t know that I have an “icon”. I just listen to music while I work constantly. “
The magnificent Diane Von Furstenberg, a Philip Lim dress.

More of her work at the Miami Fusion Gallery.

7. Who & what’s playing in your ipod right now?
” A ton of Jason Mraz. I have been listening for years and years and Iove his environmental vibe. Some Regina Spektor, Bushwalla, Sia… Its really a mix! “

8. How would you describe your fashion style? Home Style?
“My fashion style is a mix of high end and low end-I love dresses and wear them often, I’m really weird about clothing. I either love it and must have it- or just nothing. No in between. The house is mostly modern with a tiny bit of vintage. We just relocated so I just bought a framed vintage subway sign, and also greg beauchamp’s united states print. Old and new.” My kind of gal!

9. You use a variety of mediums in your art, do you have a favorite?
“I am loving prismacolor pencils and watercolor right now. I mostly do acrylic, but when I get to do smaller fashion illustrations that arent so large- that’s been really fun. “

10. Where do you feel your art is going?

“I hope it’s getting better. More stylish. I’ve learned alot this past year and am now working on a few new collections. Every week on etsy one of last years paintings will be for sale- making room for the new. I hope it just keeps getting better , I have alot planned for this year.”
And here she is. Sigh! To be young, beautiful & Oh so talented!
Best to you Dallas! Amazing work & it’s definitely just going to get better. Please check her out at & at her blog.
I hope you enjoyed this post and here’s to hoping I’ll get my creativity back.
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27 thoughts on “Inside an Artist’s Mind: Dallas Shaw

  1. I adore Dallas!! Great interview and she is even more amazing in person, I was glad to be a part of a few group shows with her this year, I definitely think she has a fantastic way to motivate even being around her. She has a fantastic drive and it pushes me. Glad to call her a friend xo

  2. Wow she is so talented and beautiful! Great interview! I love that you are from Texas. I didn’t know that. I loved there for a year in a little town called Kingsville right outside of Corpus Christi! Its so wonderfully warm there!

  3. She is so gorgeous! And talented too… seriously, what a wonderful interview =) I love the color of all these sketches and think that Dallas is just such a wonderful talent!

  4. hi! thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. i’ve been reading some of your posts and i love the eclectic variety of your subject matter with personal and family trips, conversation thrown in. i like doing that too 🙂 great interviews and i’ll be checking back often to say hi! i’ll add your blog to my favorites 🙂

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