Evolving Interview Answers

What? An interview with moi? It is a little weird to me whenever I’m asked to do Q & A’s. But what the heck, even though I ponder who cares, the questions always provoke me to think & think deeply {which I absolutely love doing}. Call it introspection, a self-analysis. So, without shame, I invite you to read the blog interviews with me in the past few months by these fabulous bloggers. Most of my answers are still the same, some have evolved….

1. Averill at Odi et Amo was the first one to do a Q & A with me. I was flabbergasted to say the least as the shop just launched. She is so sweet & I must say have a lot of design & decor tips & ideas up her sleeve {even though she’s a lawyer right now by trade, she definitely has the knack for design}.

2. Tolly is the quirky & famous blogger behind Austin Eavesdropper. She featured the shop & my evolving condo decorating {and still evolving, but getting better} at her blog last holiday season. Thanks again Tolly!

3. Not an interview, but so happy when the talented decor vamp {her work is fabulous!}, Camila of High-Heeled Foot in the Door asked me to do an “In Her Shoes Post.” I decided to write about one of my favorite things to do, antiquing.

4. And the most recent one, Alice of NYbizjournalist, my new-found Twitter {which is the reason why I’ve been neglecting to comment on other blogs, I’ve been infected with the Twitter bug } friend & new blogger asked me to do a Q & A with her. Thanks Alice!

In March, I’m rolling out some of my interviews with very talented people, the “Inside an Artist’s Mind” series. I’m having a blast knowing more about these talented people so I hope you’ll check out the blog again for these posts. March is also our Spring Giveaway {or March madness} month, the shop is doing lots of giveaways! It’ll be so much fun! See you then!

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