Is it Modern or Contemporary?

A few weeks back, me & some friends went to the Austin Modern Home Tour. It was on a Saturday,and for $10, we got to see about 12 modern homes in this fabulous town & as a design & decor enthusiast, the time was well spent with oooohs & aaaaahs of course! Here are some images {I am a terrible photographer but you’ll get an idea of what we saw}.

This is a six story home, it looks much better inside & way cool!
The infinity pool overlooks the Lake.
Us enjoying the tour.
There are amazing images here. One of our companions, Tommy, asked a question that begs an answer. We really weren’t able to discuss it that day as I absolutely didn’t know the answer. Are the homes modern or contemporary? It’s called Modern Home Tour & yet, they all have contemporary designs. 
Modern design is all about clean lines & denotes almost an impersonal feel. Digging a little deeper, the design emphasizes the way materials function. In a stricter sense, it’s the design popularized by the likes of Eames & Bertoia in the early to mid-twentieth century. Basically, it’s the bygone era of the 1940’s to the 1970’s, what is now called retro. Contemporary design is here & now, the evolution of modern design. It incorporates natural elements with thoughts of the environment, sustainable & eco-friendly design. The terms are used interchangeably a lot that a distinction is hard to make. So, was it a modern tour, contemporary tour or modern contemporary tour {but then the phrase begets some redundancy}. Whatever it was, we did have fun. One thing I learned though, I’m still an urban cottage loving gal {I long for warm & personal spaces}.

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2 thoughts on “Is it Modern or Contemporary?

  1. Thanks for clarifying some points re: Modern and Contemporary! I can say I learned something new today! So now, I can confidently say, I LOVE Modern – Eames, Bertoia, van der Rohe, Corbusier…

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