A Lifetime Project

For months we’ve been at a loss on what to put in our big blank wall above the sofa. We’ve debated & argued but we knew it had to be something that we made together. We’re not budding artists by any means so I thought we’d stencil in all the favorite cities we’ve been to together! Raleigh is where we had our first major fight, New Orleans is one of those cities we can’t get enough of…well, you get the picture. We haven’t been out of the country together much & we didn’t want to put the cities that are just 30 mins away. So, here’s what we have so far.
Plan to hang it, just getting a new drill bit to poke the cement walls much easier. Here’s how it all started:
A ho-hum blank wall
A 48 x 72 canvas {$86.20 at Asel’s art supply, it was half-off! What a deal!}
Planning it on a Layout Graphing Paper {free as I’m using it for a floor plan class}…gotta have the margins right
5″ Stencil letters $5.49
Acrylic paint in Burnt Sienna/Dark Brown $7.49 x 2 {still have lots left}

The board in progress {brushes & drafting tape…we already had these}. Me & my fiance did it together. So, all in all, we spent a whopping $106.67! All the cities we’ll enjoy together {which hopefully would include Rome, Barcelona, Egypt,etc}, a lifetime of adventure & the joy of doing & sharing it together…priceless! πŸ™‚

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11 thoughts on “A Lifetime Project

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  2. Very cute idea! Here’s a tip on that drill bit for the concrete wall: borrow (or buy if you will use it alot!) a HAMMER DRILL…made for drilling into concrete and brick. I bought mine @ Sears: its a Craftsman and I love it!!! Made hanging stuff around my patio area MUCH easier, since it is bounded by 2 brick walls. You can get one on sale for about $125 or just rent one for a couple of hours for virtually pennies from your local Home Depot. You WON’T be sorry! They can show you how to use it.

  3. This is an awesome idea!! Love it!

    And the room looks completely different with something above the couch- much more cozy actually. I might steal this idea someday… it that’s okay πŸ˜‰

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