Inside an Artist’s Mind: Anne Harwell {Annechovie}

If you’re a blogger then you must know Anne Harwell & her work of the blog Annechovie. Have you adored her take on the classic Louis chairs bursting with colors? Or her graphic giclee prints of the popular World War II poster “Keep Calm and Carry On”? Her work has been featured in Domino Magazine, House Beautiful, The Daily Candy & was even in the movie “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep. Amazingly talented & genuinely kind. Here’s a Q & A with her along with some of her work. Enjoy!


1. Was there a specific moment or person that inspired you to be an artist?

Not really – I think it was just more of a natural bent from the time I was a child, coupled with an exposure to museums, books, design magazines and all things visual.

2. I love the quirky name of your shop & blog, “Annechovie,”is there a story behind the name? 

Thank you! I was having a discussion with someone about how many words include the pronunciation of my first name, Anne (or an-), as a prefix. We were having fun coming up with possible endings like “Anne-archy”, “Anne-tagonistic”, etc. When I was naming my Etsy shop, I was trying to come up with something unique that would stand out in people’s minds. I also happen to actually like anchovies, so I thought “Annechovie” would make a catchy name and then continued the label when I started my blog.
3. A lot of your work involves beautiful vintage chairs, is there a specific chair design you love the most?

{From the top clockwise: Elkins Chair with Black Floral Print, Red Cinoiserie, Pink Ikat, Orange Elkins, Blue Paisley, Courtney Barnes chair}

Yes, probably the classic French Louis XIV bergere.
4. If you weren’t an artist, what other career path would you have chosen?

I would have probably become an interior decorator because design is also such a passion of mine.
5. How would you describe your work? Waht do you think sets it apart?

I would describe it as colorful, eclectic realism. I think the colors and focus on furniture and interiors probably set it apart.

Lilly Pulitzer

6. Creative people have a style all their own, how would you describe your fashion style? Home Style?

I would describe my fashion style as J Crew meets Lilly Pulitzer. My home style is very comfort-oriented, personal, colorful and eclectic.
7. Any plans on making your collection a full wholesale or retail line?

I am always working on expanding and would love to do both!

How sweet is this pink espresso maker?

8. Where do you find inspiration to make your pieces?

Everywhere! Especially in magazines, books, blogs and fashion. Caffeine helps a lot, too. lol
9. Favorite books? Travel destination? Most visited links?

Books: The Bible and too many art and design titles to name! I don’t have a lot of time to read whole books these days – too busy with my business!
Travel: London, Paris, Boston, Spain, California
Links: Etsy, Ebay, J Crew and a million design blogs!
10. Where do you feel your art is going?

I am trying to find the time to do more original and expressive pieces. I am also starting to paint more with oils versus gouache.

Thank you so much Anne for doing this interview with me. Creative & artists like you inspire me everyday. Check out her blog at & her work at

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