Taking Cues from Kelly Wearstler

Settle down now, no I haven’t met her {I wish!} but I’m pretty close to her design books. One of my all time favorite is “Modern Glamour.” I think the book epitomizes the quintessential Kelly that we all started to love. I’ve been flipping through it’s pages {again…for the nth time} & here are some design cues I learned so far:

1. She gets inspiration from her travels, flea markets & antique shops…of course!

{sorry, scanner is not working, took these from my phone}
2. She loves pattern, lots of it!

From walls to the floor to the little accessories and from Moroccan tiles to stripes to Imperial Trellis.

3. She adores all hues & I believe she follows the rules of the color wheel, loving complements & split complement colors.

4. She likes it when things are balanced…a pair of lamps or perfectly symmetrical collage of plates.

5. And of course being true to her brand & looking glamorous as always!

{images via source4interiors.com}

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5 thoughts on “Taking Cues from Kelly Wearstler

  1. I love Kelly’s style!

    It’s one thing to see her decorating in a book or magazine, but it’s so amazing to experience it live! She is so talented… thanks for sharing!

    thanks for your comments, as well — you are such a sweetheart 🙂


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