10 Tips to Fall for your Home this Season

Here’s our take on easy ways to decorate for Fall. There’s probably one thousand and one Fall Decorating tips and ideas but here’s our Top 10.
1. Change up the throws. Replace your thin throws with thicker, cozier ones. Think chenille, faux 
fur, cashmere.
2. Veg out. One of Fall’s vegetable is artichoke and is depicted in tons of decorative accessories 
from finials to ornaments and balls you can put in a bowl or clear hurricane glasses.
3. Velveteen. The most plush fabric of the season, get some velvet throw pillows,duvet covers, 
throws & if you’re ready to splurge…change up your window curtains as well with amazing 
velvet curtain panels.
4.Take a “hue” from nature’s colors. We know this tip is overused but may be the most important. 
The leaves are changing from true green to subtle oranges, creamy saffrons & rustic brown
When choosing decorative accessories, think about these hues.
5.Scents of the Season. Fill the air with it…from pumpkin to pomegranate and french pears.
And yes, a classic cashmere.
6. Go for Golds. If you’re into Hollywood glam then gold accessories is the quintessential way to 
do it. Slowly transition into the holidays using decorative accessories in this hue.
7. Branch out. Use branches and twigs as arrangements throughout the house and bring nature in.
8. Get wired. Not by sipping tons of coffees or teas but by using wire decor. Breads in wire baskets,urns & vases in wire birdcages, photos in wire frames…experience a French Country 
fall with these quaint pieces.
9. Do you love gems? Think dark, rich, bold hues from gemstones…the beauty of amethyst, 
rubies, jade and topaz. There’s nothing like a little touch of bling that brings out the best in this 
10. Fill the air with celebrations. Just a couple more months & this season will be in full 
bloom, lots of celebration and making new memories with family and friends. Just remember, 
your home and your decor is just the backdrop!
Be Creatively Chic,
{From the Decorating Tips & Ideas section of the Shop}

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