The New Tenets of Decorating with Black

With Halloween just around the corner, I can’t help but blog about the color “black.” Besides all things dark, mysterious and eerie, black is really all about sophistication and exquisiteness. I adore color but Black, I think continues to be the new black. Here’s my take on The New Tenets of Decorating with Black:

1. Black + A Poppy Color = A Happy Classic.

The absence of color in Black infused with a burst and absolute presence of color is just an amazing treat to the eye. Think of pairing it with bright yellows, pinks, greens & don’t even get me started with reds.

2.  A wall collage of Black & white images is to die for.

Yes, our Grandparents totally nailed it with making pictures available only in black and white. Black and white pictures are most of the time more dramatic than the colored ones.

3. Black and White in a geometric pattern is mysteriously fabulous.

Think chevron, greek key or even imperial trellis in throw pillows, curtain panels & rugs. Just gorgeous!

4.  A Black chandelier sets a dramatic and romantic look.


Always! Use one for the entry way, the bathroom, the dining room…indoors or outdoors, it just works!

5. Black stained or inked floors looks really, really good with white trim.

It’s classic and it’s clean, the combo is perfect whether you have a cottage or a loft.

6.  Lacquer + Black is a match made in design heaven.

A piece that exudes the shine of black lacquer just exudes so much sophistication, don’t you think. Decorating with this pairing for a tablescape or accessorizing any room means you’ll end up with a look that’s lavish but have understated elegance.

7. Black in a Small Room Makes it Larger.

The rumor that painting with black makes a space look smaller is just that, a rumor. It actually makes a small space feel larger as black paint makes the lines disappear. Try it in an entryway or a bathroom, works like magic!

8.  Accent pieces in black are timeless.

We’re just not big fans of the big black leather sofa, but end tables and coffee tables in black? We’re totally in, are you?

9.  Black painted doors are just gorgeous.

Don’t you agree? A classic will always be a classic right?

10. Rococo Noir in tableware is both stylish & delicious.

Ok, I’m a bit biased on this one but Rococo themes in an amazing color just moves me. Not only will it be amazing for the festivities this Fall and Halloween but for all other dining events to come.

Have any more Rules of Decorating with Black to share?

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