[Beware] The Wrath of the Alpha Female

Let’s do a little segue [segway :)] just for today & talk about other things [aside from design & such, sometimes we need a little breather from the ooohs & aaahs of a vibrant chevron pattern]. And no, I’m not starting a feminist group, just venting a bit. Is that ok?
It takes a lot to make me pissy although the hubs may disagree. I rarely get road rage & I give everybody the benefit of the doubt and second, third, maybe even fourth chances. The only thing that makes me mad right away is this …. people who does not acknowledge, demonstrates lack of accountability & belittles my concerns. Well, and now, a male who seem to think that females are of a lesser species. Yikes! [I’ve always thought this is a myth, that all males in this modern world know better]. That’s what I felt when liaising with one of our key vendors [I’m talking about the Physical Therapy practice which I still do administrative tasks for…so grateful that the other co-owners & directors are letting me do in the comforts of my home]. I think he thought I was getting too detailed, asking for non-sense. But that’s the way we are [We’re born this way baby!] and that’s the way it should be when running a household or a company for that matter. I am certainly tenacious, persistent and will fight hard to get my way [as long as it’s right & ethical of course]…just ask my husband. He thinks I’m too independent for my own good and too strong-willed…but hey, he says that but I’m sure he adores my strength. Charm and confidence? What could be sweeter?
I am not in the corporate world [just the small business world], but to all women that’s in that world, more power to you, be leaders. You are alpha females & you’re perfect just the way you are!

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3 thoughts on “[Beware] The Wrath of the Alpha Female

  1. i just had to deal with some not so great work from a contractor & “pretty lady” is not something i expect to hear from someone who i hired to do a job. they didn’t do it correctly, i told them take it away and you’re fired! but it took my husband to put an end to the whole thing. sheesh!

  2. I am hoping it is this time of year. Everyone is frazzled and it seems to be easy to get on someone’s wrong side. However, I know the type of person you mean, have dealt with many in different lines of work, and the first thing that comes to mind is “if this is too difficult for you, let me know. I am willing to find someone else who wants our business.”
    Now I have to go check Kam’s blog and her dating woes.

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