How Many Pillows Does a Bed Really Need?

I know, it’s such a long title, but I have pondered on that question for a while. So, it’s not really a life-changing question to answer {although it may be for some}. But after long, joyous browsing of endless catalogs {mainly Serena & Lily and Restoration Hardware—because I love their bedding!}, I concluded that to have a perfect, shelter mag worthy image of perfection of your bed, you must have at least the following:

1. A pair of European Pillows + Shams: This is the square 26″ x 26″ pillows. Shams are of course the decorative pillowcases.

2. A pair of a. Standard Pillows + Shams and a pair of b. Standard Pillows + Pillowcases: Standard Pillows are 20″ x 26″. If you sleep alone, either a or b will do. If there are budget constraints, you can just use standard pillowcases for the pair of standard pillows. But it won’t be truly perfect without the shams…just saying. By the way, there’s also a Queen Pillow 20″ x 30″ and a King Pillow 20″ x 36.” I guess, if you’re feeling royal then you can opt for these.

3. Either a Boudoir Pillow or a Bolster Pillow. A Boudoir pillow is 16″ x 23″ and a Bolster pillow 10″ x 22″

So here’s a recap:

You can of course always have the extras, body pillows, neck pillows, etc but they probably won’t make the bed photo-op ready. Adding decorative throw pillows would! Weekend is here soon everyone, have a relaxing one!

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