Our Italian Holiday

In Europe they call it a holiday, here we call it a vacation. Holiday just sounds sooo good! The beginning of March, me & the hubs went to Roma, Firenze & Venezia as the Italians say it [otherwise known as Rome, Florence & Venice]. We had a grand old time of course. A little chilly for me, we got drunk on Grappa & Limoncello, went carb overload on brick oven pepperoni pizzas [absolutely fresh ingredients] & drank espresso, cappucinos & lattes like it’s our last [they absolutely have the best coffee]. And no….I’m not a gelato lover so I stayed away from them.We are still using non-professional cameras so these pics are not the best. Good or not, they hold so many memories…

Clockwise from top left: Had to try a hot chocolate at Cafe Florian, it was Carnevale in Venezia, the oldest casino [it did look like Casino Royale], at the market, St. Mark’s Square.

The Duomo, David at the Accademia [it was not allowed to take pictures…oh well!], at the Arno bridge.
The Pantheon, en route to the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican Museum, Colloseum, Trevi Fountain [they totally copied the one from Caesar’s Palace in Vegas].

We can’t wait to come back. For some reason, Jason said he is open to the possibility of living in Italy, hmmm…..

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