Umm…What is a Pelmet?

To be a design & decor enthusiast and not know what a pelmet is pure travesty. Gasp! And to think I only knew about that word a week ago. I was extremely worried at first but then I remembered a friend who didn’t know what condiments were or the decorator acquaintance who didn’t know what sconces are for. Yikes! We laughed about it of course but in any genre, knowledge is power & even something as trivial as terms like this is important.So, a pelmet is a wood box cut to shape, usually padded & covered with a fabric [definition via Domino Decorating Magazine] to accent windows & curtains. So, basically it’s a type of cornice, you know, the horizontal decorative molding around the wall of a room. I took the liberty of drawing different pelmet shapes for you in french macaroon colors [you’re welcome…ha!ha! now, I’m craving for those sweet things!].

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2 thoughts on “Umm…What is a Pelmet?

  1. At first I thought you miss typed the word lol I thought you meant pediment and I said to myself “yeah, I know what that is!” and then duh! Put your glasses on Stephanie, she said pelmet. But if you look up the description of a pediment I bet pelmet was derived from the word pediment. They look very similar but used for different applications. Your drawings are so nice, no way could I just draw up something like that!

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