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My absolute dream job is to travel the world a la Samantha Brown {I know, I know, I state this so many times}. But instead of checking out the attractions or the food a la Andrew Zimmern, I’d be checking out the artisans of the world {Travel Channel? Bravo? The Learning Channel? Ha!ha!}. The “real” people behind objects I | we adore. They’re rarely in the limelight yet they’re true designers. So, I thought why not start here in Austin?

From top left clockwise: 1. Inside their dining room 2. Me with Kathy & Don 3. Kathy & Don! 4. Buster 5. The cowtag hooks 6. Me sporting one if their bags 7. A decoupaged body form with French script
Don & Kathy Gross are the owners and artisans behind Austin Woodhenge. Making items from farmhouse benches, rustic stools, vintage sack bags & pillows to jewelry. It was a fortuitous event meeting this amazing couple after buying cowtag hooks from them at a Houston antique show almost two years ago. Then they saw the piece printed here, and a month later, Kathy recognized me while I was checking out their booth at the Roundtop-Marburger show. I say, it was meant to be!
Anywho, I told Kathy I’ve been itching to check out what they do, how they do it and where it all happens. They were more than happy to oblige. With my wonderful friend, Andres, we did just that one afternoon. I told Andres, we’re going to meet a cool couple & see cool things. After the visit, he thought it was way cooler than he thought it would be. I definitely agreed! Don, the husband pretty much built the house and some of the impressive items inside the home. We saw how Kathy painstakingly make vintage sack bags and pillows with precision while I constantly ooohed & aaahed at antique book covers, real French stencils & industrial furniture.
Check out the vid of our trip…
Please check out their website here, well because, this Austin couple just rocks! Don & Kathy don’t know it yet but someday soon, I’m hoping for a collab…

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