Donuts and Cupcakes

Donuts and cupcakes, did anybody say sugar overload? I’m a total sucker for sweet events and what could be sweeter than a wedding? When Martha Lynn, hair stylist extraordinaire {yes, she is Rare magazine‘s best hairstylist & People’s Choice best hairstylist as well for Austin Fashion Week and she’s a mean colorist too! Lookie here :)}, asked me to help decorate her tables and the sweets area for her wedding, I was more than happy to do it. The beautiful bride wanted pink and green with a Southern charm. Here’s what we did:

Reception tables: 
Victorian-Inspired forms Decor Bon Bon Compotes
Laced Votive Holders {Ours}
Gorgeous flowers by Petal Pushers
Sweets Table:
Hobnail Milkglass  {ours}
Silhouette Scalloped Frames {ours}
Labels {ours but inspired by Loralee Lewis’ creations}


Donuts Table:
Vintage trunk, decoupaged and painted drawers {ours}
Vintage apothecary bottles {ours}
Doilies & laced votive holders {ours}
Scalloped Milkglass Compotes {ours}
Donuts {Krispy Kreme}

The donuts table maybe the most important table for us to make. The bride wanted to do a Krispy Kreme table as a tribute to her Grandma. Her most vivid memories of her were their trips to Krispy Kreme and seeing those donuts coming out of their conveyor belts. She made a sweet letter for her.

Doesn’t that just melt your heart? Thanks so much Martha Lynn for allowing me to be a part of your day. Congratulations!
The awesome photos is by Cory Ryan! Event coordination by Caplan Miller.

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5 thoughts on “Donuts and Cupcakes

  1. kathryn! thanks so much!

    Jane, yay! is your DIL an event planner?

    Helena..can’t wait to see pictures of ur wedding {to be}…it will be uber creative!

    Anna…thanks! My first time to do something like this. I can’t be a coordinator but I can do tables!:)

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