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About a year ago, I set foot at Calico Corners for the first time. Hmmm, I would tell you I was thoroughly disappointed. The fabrics look like Grandma ones to me. Help…get them a new Creative Director please! Well, I’d like to think, they actually listened. Ha!ha! I visited Calico again despite lack of inspiration on my first visit and whoa…boy, I was floored this time. I took on some space styling projects just recently {they literally just landed on my lap…sweet, right?} and one was needing some fabric for a curvy headboard we’re envisioning. This place is now fabric heaven with inspiration & ideas left and right. The associates are so helpful and knowledgeable and Laurie {the one who was helping me} told me that yes, Calico Corners now have a new Creative Director. So, lo & behold, they have these magnificent designers on board.
Iman. I think everything she touches turns into gold. Her fabrics are a little pricey but they’re flocked. You really have to see her fabrics in person to truly appreciate it. Hers look 3D without even wearing 3D glasses.
Dwell Studio, I mean need I say more? Fun, playful, creative.
Thom Filicia. Most of his are very masculine, muted, sophisticated colors with subtle patterns. Well, except these ones, they’re the lively bunch of his collection.
Adore right? Any favorite fabric sources?

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Details are my passion. From curating vignettes to designing spaces. I thrive in finding the finds and just discovered the art of collecting...all while sipping on a cafe au lait & a french macaroon in hand.

4 thoughts on “Calico | Revamped

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  2. Lori, thanks so so much for the kind words! And may I saw the customer service I’ve received from the local store is impeccable!

    Diane, you can order at the store and they ship it to u for free! The retail world has changed drastically I guess. It’s hard to keep inventories on hand, I believe even with big companies such as Calico. Thanks so so much for dropping by the blog!

  3. diane on said:

    I am glad to see Calicor Corners has updated their collection. I was very sad to see that they changed their operation and you could no longer buy fabric in the shop…it all had to be ordered. And I also feel their trim department could use some help. It was my go to place for years but once it became order only I began to shop elsewhere. But the collections are beautiful.

  4. Hi Maureen – love your blog and your shop! Thanks so much for the kind words about our fabrics. I think you’ll be even more impressed over the next few months. We have about 500 new things being added plus the second Iman collection launches in September(it’s even better than the first) There is a BIG announcement coming in two weeks on our latest brand collaboration. It’s a first and will add 1700 new fabrics to our assortment!
    Lori Cropp
    Merchandise Manager-Calico Corners

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