Ledge Displays | The Top 5 Must Do’s

With an array of chic options for ledges, from wooden to tin, matte white to lacquered, ledge displays is an easy and affordable way to display your favorite things. I’m a long time fan of using display ledges…from the living room to the dining room & home office, I think they are both beautiful & functional! so, here are my top 5 must do’s to get the most of your display ledges.1. Keep it interesting. Unless you’re going for the minimalistic look, do not put all books or all frames on the ledges. Put vintage finds, succulents, a souvenir {the untacky ones} and curate a “curiosity” vignette.

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2. Vary the heights. This goes in line with making it interesting. A tall candlestick with books laid horizontally and a ceramic accessory is a surefire way to make the space work.

3. Do not overload them. Now we’re thinking not what’s just aesthetically beautiful or functional but just pure logic. Believe me, I know this from experience. My home office display ledges fell twice because of my lovely but ultra-heavy design books. Spacing your displays also evens out the load.

4. Space them symmetrically and evenly. Since your display is supposed to be the “interesting” part, the actual display ledges should not be the design spotlight. Going asymmetrical on securing them to the wall makes it somewhat cluttered. Keep it simple!

5. Relate the size and placement of the ledges as it relates to other furnishings in a room. Small ledges just wouldn’t look right on top of a huge sofa would it? Also, if you are placing them with a furniture below it, like a television or a message board, place the bottom ledge 6-12 inches from the top of the furnishing.

I hope these tips help! Show us your amazing display ledges!

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