Pretty {Busy}

Hello folks! I’m back in awesome Austin which is awesome of course! August has been an extremely busy month for me. But I thrive on being busy and productive, having new experiences & learning along the way. The busy…ness {?} continues…
… I was in Southeast Texas for 2 weeks being a Physical Therapist. As some of you know {the regular 5 or so that reads my blog :)}, I’m part-therapist, part-online shop retailer, part space stylist. Well, the three may be combined very soon. The clinic is looking at a new property that will need work, lots of work! We’re hard at work making decisions but if it pushes through, it will be amazing!
…. I antiqued shop pretty much the weekends when I was gone, those little shops in the back roads of Texas are full of goodies, I’ll share them with y’all soon!
… Me & Ansa with the creative input of Kaleigh is getting together a new blogazine that revolves around antiquing. We hope to make it hip, cool and fresh. Hope it will blow you away!
… It’s Austin Fashion Week! Events everyday especially with my good friends Jeannie & Deborah.
Well, so while I’m taking a bit of a breather, please allow me to look at these peach flowers in gold goblets. The sheer beauty is making me energized already! Ok, I guess, I’ll share, you can look at them as well!

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