3 New Ways to Bring Plants Indoors

Indoor plants have long been an essential element in home decorating. Not only are they a great way to add a dash of color and visual interest to any room, they also possess the ability to purify indoor air by taking in carbon dioxide and replacing it with healthy oxygen. But when it comes to decorating your home with plants, many homeowners struggle to come up with new ideas. Design ideas like putting a poinsettia in the living room corner or decorating the kitchen table with roses are a bit outdated and stale. Avoid stereotypical decorating ideas and vow to push the envelope a little bit. Try these fresh and trendy ways to bring the outside indoors:

Looking for a truly innovative way to incorporate greenery into your kitchen or bathroom space? Consider purchasing the ‘Zen Garden Sink’ by Gau Design. This concrete sink is a truly innovative design that sports a large basin and a small circular space to insert greenery of any kind. The basin is connected to the plant space through a small crack so that your plants automatically get watered when you turn on the tap. How ingenious is that? Place fresh foliage of any kind in the sink and instantly decorate the room in a unique way.

2. Bring Your Garden Indoors with a Plantwall | Vertical Garden

What better way to bring plants into your home than to make them focal draw of a room. Much in the same way an accent wall can add a little drama to any room, plantwalls, like these installed by the Stockholm based Green Fortune, can have a powerful impact. This is a creative and effective way of adding a lot of greenery to your home without taking up a lot of floor space. Green Fortune’s Plantwalls feature a drip irrigation system to evenly distribute water automatically.


3. Foliage Furniture

Believe it or not, there are actually numerous designers who are now incorporating vegetation into their furniture designs. Nancy Favier designs a ‘Grass Ottoman’ that is pretty comparable to a Chia pet. The chair itself is made out of solid plastic and real grass grows on top of it from a special seed mixture.


ITLabs manufactures a ‘Grass-on Lamp’ that is made out of recycled materials from which actual grass and foliage grows. The lamp can be placed on a table or suspended from the air to act as a chandelier.



Metaphys designs ‘Modern Indoor Grass Gardens’ that can function as shelves or simply as a work of art. The rectangular white structures sit on top of one another and grass grows on the inside of the structure in a few weeks.

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