Event with the Austin Eavesdropper & Furnish123

Last week I celebrated a Back to School event with Furnish123 and the lovable, Tolly. The scoop: Furnish123 invited us to design spaces for them in their showroom then they threw a party for us. The designing was exciting but not as enthralling as the event itself. Friends, customers and supporters {yup, I think we have supporters} came and partied the night away. Well til 9:30 at least. Here are some pics:

Me & Tolly in my designed space
Vignettes from the space and the inspiration board I made
Above, cutie pies Andrea & Cathy. Below, an intriguing conversation going on after a champagne glass toast at Tolly’s Hemingway inspired space.
Gorgeous ladies Julie & Marian
Two beautiful ladies Sara & Jette
Ansa and her posse
A meeting of the minds between Teresa & Jane
Bowtie is definitely in!
With the owner, Kyle
Above, piece de resistance, sweets from SugaPlump {which I couldn’t resist of course!}. Below, with Chef Jocelyn.
A totally fun event with such wonderful people! Jette, me, Tolly & Jennifer

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About Maureen

Details are my passion. From curating vignettes to designing spaces. I thrive in finding the finds and just discovered the art of collecting...all while sipping on a cafe au lait & a french macaroon in hand.

4 thoughts on “Event with the Austin Eavesdropper & Furnish123

  1. Maureen, its like that puppy is making love to us with his eyes. What a handsome fellow he was at the party. He had me at “bowtie”

    Cute puppies aside, thank you so very much for being a part of the Furnish 123 “You Never Forget Your First” Challenge/ Back to School Bash.

    Your room and Tolly’s were exquisite! I’m so glad that Tolly introduced us.

    Can’t for more divine design adventures to come!


    Jette Momant

  2. teresa joyce on said:

    It was moi Fabu!! I ha a total blast the company was plentiful an conversation flowed. The showroom is full of ideas and I really liked the price points.Jane & I spent some time talking to Kyle an whne Jane asked his thinking on this store model he said college and just beginning in life these are the people that will best appreciate and benefit from Furnish 123. Kyle also has Gage furniture for the more estblished home owner. But what ever ones needsFurnish 123 is a great place to start shopping.The Interior esign SOcieth is doing a SafePlace refurbish and one of th edecorators fell in love with the double duty ottoman. I Am “The Quitessential Lounger” and I found myself quite comfy & cozy lounging in one of the living areas set up for display. It was a lovely evening


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