Ch-changes at The Shop

Ok folks, thought I’d let you all know of the few {but absolutely amazing} changes at the shop. I’ve never been afraid of changes, well except when my metabolism changed from being super fast to kinda slow. Oooopps, over share! Anyways, we’re talking about being innovative, making your online perusing experience better. The online shop is finally equipped to do the following:1. Comparison Shopping

Now, you can compare 2 to 3 items just by checking the square boxes below product item|s. Hmmm, can’t decide what color of throw pillow to get? Or maybe, you wanna see if the wall art matches the rug? Or like below, what kind of tablescaping will you go with this holiday? Will it be whimsical with A Walk in the Woods? Glam & Metallic with Four Calling Birds? Or pair your vintage candelabras with something more Bohemian?

2. Be Social & Share

We did have share buttons before, but now it’s more streamlined. You can Tweet your find, send an e-mail, Facebook like it, or Google Plus it. Of course, you can always “Pin It” at Pinterest.

3. Facebook Social Store

Yes, there is such a thing! Shopping are usually done with friends & family. Now, you can do it on FB too!

Thanks all for the support! We’re still learning from you, so drop us a line anytime!

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Details are my passion. From curating vignettes to designing spaces. I thrive in finding the finds and just discovered the art of collecting...all while sipping on a cafe au lait & a french macaroon in hand.

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