Orange You Glad It’s Orange

Being a UT student, you can understand why orange might be one of my favorite colors.  But aside from outfitting my favorite Longhorns on game days, orange is also incredibly powerful as an accent color in an otherwise neutral interior.  Here I’ve picked out my favorite orange objects of late to inspire your decor and maybe a little bit of your fall fashion!
1.  Verner Panton Heart Chair
My absolute, all-time, number one favorite chair ever.  This is what Mad Men watcher’s dreams are made of.
2.  FL/Y Pendant Lamp
Funky and fresh, this pendant lamp will light up any room in which it’s placed.  Although it comes in a variety of colors, my favorite is, you guessed it, the orange one!
This pillow has a graphic dynamic vibe that makes any room feel more energetic.  Looking for more orange pillows and accessories?  Check these out!
Simple yet striking, this clock will prevent you from showing up (un)fashionably late.
5.  Hermes Orange Birkin Bag
This is the most lust-worthy orange object in fashion.  Not only is it incredibly styled, as are all things Hermes, but it also can take almost TWO YEARS!! to get one of these babies.
6.  Lilliput Salt & Pepper Set
These little guys are adorable and functional.  Add the orange ones to your Halloween tablescape as a unique piece, or keep them out all year round as a punchy accent.
And here starts my Etsy obsession…they have such great variety and prices on everything, not to mention some of the most unique stuff around.  Take these oversized chess pieces for example, they’re whimsical and fun for any interior style.
Maybe you’re looking for something a little more Halloween-inspired?  Look no further than this slightly creepy but fun biohazard pillow.
This little bank is too cute!  Elephants are one of my favorite animals reference in decor and jewelry.  Put him in your child’s room or in your own! We won’t tell, we’re big kids too!
I had to throw these leggings in here.  There is nothing more fall fashion-forward than a great pair of printed leggings and a long comfy tunic sweater.  And tribal is so in right now, you can’t go wrong.
Hopefully these awesomely orange objects have given you a little something to think about while trying to create some inspired seasonal decor.
See you soon 🙂 Rachel

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