The Best of Halloween Tablescapes

Halloween is fast approaching and the best part is always the themed parties.  The only thing more exciting than picking out your costume is decorating!  We here at The Inglenook Decor are particularly interested in the tablescape.  Here are some of our favorites and tips for creating your very own:

The Noir Tablescape:

Mini pumpkins scattered everywhere remind you that it’s Halloween without overdoing it. And that light fixture! Well, you know how much we love hanging lanterns.

Beautifully understated, this simple black and white tablesetting complete with matching white pumpkin is for those who want an evening of elegance…with a few scares.

The Horror Genre Inspired Tablescape:

This tablescape was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe.  The details on the silverware and glasses, alongside the very prominent gargoyle, make this table also somewhat Victorian inspired.

Not quite as creepy as Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, but definitely taking a few hints from that movie.  Just ask some of the grackles around Austin to come sit at your table and you’re set!

It’s All in the Details:

How do you incorporate vintage into Halloween? By finding some vintage apothecary bottles and using them as decanters for your favorite “poisons” of course!

The unexpected is always memorable, so try out a different color scheme from traditional black and orange – like this beautiful pairing of black and lime green.

The best thing about this vignette is that it’s made up of things you can reuse in your everyday life.  If you are in need of a cloche or some beautiful candlesticks, check us out!

You know we love beautiful dessert bar styles, and this one is colorful and eye-catching without being obvious.

Wondering what to do with all the bottles you used to make your party punch? Use them as a centerpiece and give your table truly gorgeous lighting.

Now that you have a little starting inspiration, go out and craft your own beautifully haunting tablescapes!

🙂 Rachel

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