Grazie! Merci! Thanks!

Hello lovelies! Yes, can you believe it? It’s that time of the year again. It’s Thanksgiving! I’m sure you’re already prepping for that beautiful and scrumptious table. For some last minute tips and ideas, you can check some out, here and here.So, they say, it’s really just not on Thanksgiving that you should give thanks. But, what the heck, this day is extra special so without further ado, I’d like to thank….

Clockwise from Top Left: 1. Logan, my super adorable nephew: he’s got amazing parents & grandparents…the most wonderful in-laws ever! 2. Old friends and new friends, there’s so many, some I’ve only met virtually but all are enriching my life everyday 3. Noelle, my unica hija, how blessed am I? 4. My Mom {isn’t she chic?} & my sister whom I spending the holidays with in the Philippines 5. Jason, who makes me laugh every day.
Work and career doesn’t define us but it’s so much a part of us, I’m so grateful for what I do, what I learned & experienced and what’s still out there for me.
Clockwise from Top Left: 1. Triangle Therapeutics: yes, I know this blog is about design, but I was first & foremost a Physical Therapist. Our practice continues to thrive & grow and essentially because of our wonderful staff. 2. Interior Styling Projects challenges me every time 3. The shop is well & good, all because of this amazing gal {she has absolutely no idea how much she’s helping me!} 4. More Design & Styling Projects are coming … {those are infusion balls from Sugaplump..yum!}, events, photo shoots, etc that continually sparks my creativity. xo Maureen
Wait wait! I want to say thanks too! 🙂
As cliche as I know this sounds, I really have to say I am thankful for everything in my life that has gotten me to where I’m at in my life now.  I am most definitely thankful for my outrageous and awesome family (would have included a picture of them but they are somewhat paranoid about putting photos on the internet lol).  I would not have made it through some rough patches without the support of my wonderful boyfriend Stephen. I might be biased, but I think my friends are probably the best people ever ;).  I am super thankful for the opportunity to work with someone so awesome and fun as Maureen 🙂 seriously, I could not love my job more. Although he likes to destroy my potted plants, I am still thank for my furry friend Nugget.  And I am thankful that I majored in a creative field where I get to meet so many amazing talented people!  🙂 Rachel
And you, thank you for reading! From the words of Facebook friends, life is indeed really good! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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