It’s Finally Fall!

Finally this outrageous Austin heat has broken and become bearable and even, dare I say it, nice!  The cooler weather always ups my energy levels and makes me want to complete all those projects that I put aside because it was way too hot to do anything.  Cooler weather also means getting to be outside more and getting to enjoy one of the best fall activities, al fresco dining!  Here are just a few ideas I had been mulling over in anticipation of cooler months to come:

Parties and Events

What would be more wonderful for your Thanksgiving dinner than having an outdoor dinner party?  Here, various shades of blue accents along with hanging lanterns give this dinner a more special and festive atmosphere than the standard patio brunch.

Hay bales as table seating for a fall party or Thanksgiving? Of course! Why didn’t I think of that before?  Again, lanterns seem to be a common outdoor decorating theme, along with pops of color brought in by the yellow sunflowers.  Simple and effective.

Al Fresco Out and About

When thinking of al fresco dining, Europe immediately comes to mind.  They have some of the most beautiful settings for this type of dining, as seen here in this shot of a restaurant in Venice.  I think we have (or are getting) some outdoor chairs very similar to this at the shop…I’ll have to put those on my Christmas wish list!

Al Fresco at Home

While this sort of setting may not be standard for too many Austinites, it makes me think of my parents’ house out in rural small-town Texas.  Just the idea of making a dining space out in the woods sounds awesome…now I just have to figure out how to make my brothers climb those trees to hang the fabric accents!

A bistro table and chairs is probably a little more doable for most of us living in Austin.  This type of outdoor dining is great for morning coffee or a small snack while chit chatting with a friend…exactly the type of activities I like to enjoy in fall!

Just a few of the many ways you can enjoy al fresco dining this fall.  Now let’s hope this cooler weather sticks around!

See you soon 🙂 Rachel

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