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So, it’s that time again. I haven’t been very good in chronicling the other projects…sorry about that but I’m better with this one. I’m just starting to get comfortable to ask clients if I can take pictures. They may think I’m a bit loco thinking and over thinking space vignettes. I must have the props styling bug lately.Anyway, just a recap…we started with a clean slate and here was was the progress so far. And here is more:

So the idea with the frames is to put black and white images of their super adorable kiddos with a tinge of yellow on objects {a balloon comes to mind}.

The vintage trunks are the couple’s collection. I got them 6 locker bins as storage for the media console. The collection of wood crates with accessories are the couple’s idea. Ingenious right? Vintage touches are everywhere!

Forgive me if I can’t get over the gorgeous shape we chose for the headboard and the adorable yellow pattern!

And some close-up of vignettes in the bedroom. The accordion lamps were made by the husband MacGyver style by getting accordion mirrors and a lamp bulb. Amazing!

 Decorating with books is always a no-fail strategy.
And, um, yes I adore succulents. Remember this? The couple made this one as well! Love!
So, I’ll keep you posted!

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