Wedding Decor Obsession

I’m not sure if this made it into the “Meet Rachel” post, but I have a secret to share with you:  I have a huge obsession with weddings.  More specifically, with wedding decor.  I will watch every trashy reality wedding TV show just for the last 5 minutes where they finally show what the wedding venue looked like.  There’s just something about the significance of this day that fascinates me – how do you make your decor for this hugely significant life moment memorable?  I would venture to guess there is no specific “style formula,” but instead that your decor just needs to be personal.  For some reason, whenever I think of personal, I think of vintage.

This guest book table becomes much more intimate through the incorporation of vintage accessories, like filing drawers and birdcages.
There’s something so intimate and whimsical about this table setting…very shabby chic.
I love the idea of incorporating furniture pieces you love into your wedding venue’s style.  This hutch with a distressed finish is so romantic for an outdoor wedding, and also a little Alice in Wonderland!
This centerpiece is so eclectic and interesting.  Think of all the small ways you could slightly tweak this to make it personal to you…just switching out one candlestick for another would change it completely!
Ok, enough musing for one day, time to go back to real life.  Hopefully something on here inspired you or at least got you thinking!
See you soon 🙂 Rachel

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