7 Tips to Get Ready for Holiday Guests

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The best thing with the holidays is spending it with your family and friends. Some are driving or even flying from miles away, you want to make sure you are telling them that you want their stay to be pleasant and that you’re excited about their visit. Here are some tips for getting ready for holiday guests:

1. Fill their room with memories. Nothing like the nostalgia of old photos of your holiday guest and yourself on the bedside table. They will surely spark great conversation, laughter, maybe even tears…good ones of course!

2. Greet them with warmth. Have something hot and cozy like a great cup of tea, some hot cocoa or cider as soon as they arrive.

3. Burn their favorite scent. What do you know or remember most about your guests? A favorite flower, a favorite fruit. Are they romantic? Outdoorsy? Or for something festive, go for a holiday candle scent.

4. Bath paraphernalia. Nothing states that you want their stay to be soothing and relaxing than a cluster of bath products. They are amazing gifts too!

5. Awesome read. Books and magazines are amazing at the bedside table. Kudos to you if you know their favorite magazine {Maybe you have some old Domino magazines stashed somewhere!}.

6. Blooms. A vase of flowers almost always make a room. Get some fresh cuts the day they are arriving and always make sure they are fresh.

7. Robed. Make them feel really at home with a nice house robe. I don’t think they’ll be picky…silk or cotton, they’ll definitely know you’re glad they are spending the holidays with you and your family.

And of course, savor every holiday moment. Enjoy!

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