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I don’t eat salty or sour as much as I eat sweets. I honestly believe that the ratio of my sweet taste buds versus my salty, sour or bitter ones is 1000:1. I can do low carb and avoid the pasta in a chicken fettucine but I’ll have 2 servings of tiramisu please…which of course kinda negate the low carb premise. Ok, that’s me ranting about my taste buds. This post is really about this amazing candy shop in Soco. Yes, New York, you’ve got Soho, we’ve got Soco {South Congress}. Unique shops, food trailer treats and yes, sweet heaven…Big Top Candy. When you come in the shop, you will literally feel like you’re in a time warp…the design is old-fashioned, the decor is vintage and everything is 1950’s colorful. Oh, but everything is not sweet…

Who loves bacon? I do! Nothing like a refreshing bacon mint in the morning. Feeling a bit fancy? There’s Foie Gras Bubble Gum.
 There’s all kinds of taffy, much like the ones you get from a General Mercantile. And, yes, old-fashioned milkshakes.
For some protein, you might wanna get some BBQ larvets or Sour Cream n Onion crickets. Yum!
Be sure to check out the shop when in Austin. And thanks to my budding photographer sister for fabulous images!

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Details are my passion. From curating vignettes to designing spaces. I thrive in finding the finds and just discovered the art of collecting...all while sipping on a cafe au lait & a french macaroon in hand.

One thought on “Candy Shop | Big Top Candy in Austin

  1. Wow, that place looks amazing! I keep thinking about how all this candy & baking during Christmas is so irresistable!! I can’t say no, LOL!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂
    Nancy xo

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