The Beauty of Melancholia

Forgive me if I’m sort of getting into reviews lately. Yes, I’ve been yelping, doing amazon book reviews [well, it all started with somebody asking me to do reviews]. Now, I feel compelled to write something about the most recent movie I saw, Melancholia. I’m a sucker for romantic comedies and this one, my dears has nothing to do with romance and you may chuckle a bit for 2 seconds in some of the scenes, but generally the theme is melancholic {for obvious reasons}. No worries, no spoiler alert here and this won’t be a thorough review.It’s a visceral vision of what severe depression is all about {and I thought I’ve been sad before, but this is sad}. More than that, it’s the scenes and images that will haunt you, it’s a work of beauty and a work of art. I’m starting to think Kirsten Dunst only chooses movies that are visually pleasing, remember Marie Antoinette? It’s not a fast-paced, will take you to the edge of your seat movie but it leaves you pondering, philophosizing {if there’s such a word}. I urge you to see it, grab a great seat, drink some sparkling wine & an Antonelli’s cheese plate {ours was courtesy of Violet Crown Cinema}. Enjoy…then muse after.

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