Austin Modern Home Tour 2012

It’s that time of the year again Austin! For some reason, I get so excited when events like these happen. Could it be that I love design? Well, that’s no brainer.  So, here’s the WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & HOW….

WHAT: Austin Modern Home Tour. It’s only $20 if you buy it now or $25 at the door. It’s a chance for you to see & explore Austin’s Modern Homes and get inspired about sustainable living.

WHEN: Feb. 4, 2012  Starts at 11 am & Ends at 6 pm. There’s an after party from 6-8:30 pm with an architect panel.Whoa! A chance to meet Austin’s most amazing modern architects.

WHERE: All over Austin. Get your tickets in one of the homes.

HOW: To get there? Hmmm, any kind of vehicle I suppose, with one or 5 of your friends. Here’s how I’m doing it…

1. A girl must have her snack 2. And water! Gotta be hydrated always! 3. Possible outfit — something real relaxed, a satchel for the multiple print materials I’m going to get, flats, a scarf & sweater | blazer optional…this is Texas! 4. My trusty iphone — how else am I going to FB & Tweet these gorgeous homes? 5. A map which they will provide 6. My Nikon DSLR camera {which I still don’t know how to operate} and last but not the least 7. Business cards, tons perhaps? It’s time to meet new people in design.
The event was founded by the GoodLife Team & produced by Launch 787. See my blog journal from last year. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the homes.
And for a little definition of what makes a Modern Home…take it away, Rachel.
A modern home these days usually means something very sleek, angular, and minimalist.  It focuses most of its design efforts on materiality, so you tend to see more natural woods and stones alongside polished concrete and sheet metal.  With sustainability becoming such an important factor in design, things like skylights, tree shading and other attempts to incorporate nature into the home can frequently be seen.  Large window walls play double duty, contributing LEED points and also maintaining a decidedly post-modern style.  Interiors are generally minimalist, focusing more on singular specific pieces than a collection of object.  The “art gallery” home is very popular in design.  Color palettes usually stay within a neutral range of hues, although it is very trendy right now to do pops of bright colors against an otherwise white interior.  If this is done, usually the pop of color is a consistent accent color and sort of becomes a theme throughout the home.
House designs and styles can vary widely within this definition, but I think this will give you a sort of general heads up as to what you can expect to see on the Modern Homes Tour.
Umm. should you get your ticket now?

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