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Holidays 2011 was filled with loving {and lasting} memories with Mi Familia in the Philippines. I visited my Mom after having a bout of illness. She’s all better now albeit because of prayers and hard work! Here’s a few snapshots of my trip via Instagram, of course!

1. The Philippines is filled with gorgeous churches, this is just one of them!
2. Capiz Lanterns are everywhere during the holiday season. May I just say they’re utterly gorgeous!
3. A Bahay Kubo | Nipa Hut at Subic Bay, monkeys were out galivanting around us.
4. A parol, the Philippine Christmas Lantern at a relatives house.
5. My daughter’s legs and feet enjoying a fish spa.
6. Street food well, were out in the streets! My fave, the taho, bean curd with sweet syrup.
7. Nothing like buko {coconut} juice in its shell!
8. Gorgeous banig or weaved pillows at a local home decor store.
9. French Macaroons are everywhere, even in the South Pacific, these ones are courtesy of Bizu.
10. My Mom and me enjoying an afternoon snack at Mary Grace.
11. Tiangge or the Flea Market at Greenhills is open until Midnight.
12. My daughter & I bought matching ribbon rings for a whopping $2!
Hope you enjoyed it!

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