Rococo Tea Party Snippets

I think I’m getting used to photo shoots with inanimate objects…like decor, pies, cupcakes, tableware, etc. Props styling is really super fun! But last Sunday, I had the most fun working with a whole team of fashion stylists, videographer, photographers {not one but two}, make up & hair stylists & yes, models! We did the set styling for Diya Liu’s Rococo Tea Party at Mayfield Park here in Austin. She is the amazing gal behind the blog, In Her Stilletos and who by the way won the Marie Claire Front Row College challenge. Woot! Way to go Diya!We’re releasing the “real” pictures soon. In the meantime, here are some snippets….

After the shoot, I seriously thought every gal should have a tufted gold ottoman!
And a turquoise chaise for that matter.A teacup set is a must!

And pale pink roses properly fluffed should be everywhere! Here’s Rachel making the petals camera-ready. She, by the way makes the most awesome paper crepe rosettes. See them here.

I hope you enjoyed this little behind-the-scenes first look of this photo shoot project! And by the way, these vintage shops rock! Thank you so much The Vintage Laundry & Gypsies Antiques.

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