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I think aside from billions of pollen in the air in the Spring, this season is pretty much all that and more. I do feel happier for some reason…longer daytime maybe? All the bright colors I see? Anyway, since I feel more inspired as ever {and for so many reasons!}, I’m doing a new series at the blog I’m calling: Bloggers Take | Inspired Spring. It will officially start on April 3rd with a post by the utterly sweet Sam of The Peak of Tres will adore her {if you don’t already}. But first, here’s my take on what makes this season I.N.S.P.I.R.E.D.

1. Mint Green! This hue is more in trend than ever {although I must admit they still don’t look good as kitchen tiles}. See how much we love it from posts here & here.
2.  Sandal season especially it’s in Salmon Pink. I wear close toed sandals in the Spring, not really my rule, it just turns out that way.
3. Bright hued outfits. This Heidi Merrick collection is perfect! Except of course I need to get ones at a much cheaper price…I’m pretty frugal when it comes to clothes shopping.
4. Being outdoors! Relaxing on a beach chaise is perfect and doing Al Fresco dining at a 5. Courtyard, romantically lit by a 6. Candle chandelier is just heaven to me
7. Of course, I don’t wanna forget that a great book is a must! Sibella Court is my props stylist icon & wrote this amazing book although my Book Wish List is certainly growing.
8. Pastel colors of course & yes, I am a sucker for themed tableware and these Rosanna La Vie Boho & Flea Market Chic plates are just so adorable!
9. Paris {or any European getaway}, well because me & the hubs were planning to go, he is kinda stalling on buying the tix, I’m getting scared…should I put the pressure on?
10. Philosophy Spring’s Eternal…I just started using this per my daughter’s advise {yes she’s a beauty insider junkie}, it’s refreshing and makes your skin glow!
11. French Macaroons {Or Macaron}, I am just addicted to them & have a whole board dedicated to them

Of course this is just my short list. Anyway, come back and check out the different bloggers take on what makes their Spring inspired.

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