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 A few weeks back, my husband just said…how about we got to Paris? My answer…why yes {remembering the words by her gorgeousness Audrey Hepburn}. I mean duh! If you’re new here, I’m actually newly married {I think a year is fairly new}. Me and the hubs haven’t traveled much together and I didn’t think he would fall in love with Italy last year {our honeymoon} but now he wanted to buy an apartment in Venice. Not sure about that, I mean I love the idea but it’s not like we’ve got lots of cash stashed somewhere. He thought I won’t wanna go since I’ve been to Paris before, but from experience, you look at a destination with different eyes when you are with the one you love. Ahem, corny, I know but he does read my posts. 🙂
So, even though I drink a cafe au lait everyday here in the US, I must remember to rather use the terms “Cafe Creme” there. Or not ask for an espresso cup, but a “demitasse.” And order strictly an espresso or simply “cafe” after 10 am. Hard lessons, when you don’t order right in these countries, you might get a weird look.
Anyway, since I’ve been dreaming of French Cafes & Bistros, I hope you don’t mind me sharing the new stuff at the shop
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And of course, cafes are better with some sweets in these compotes.
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We haven’t booked the trip. Budget is going to be tight but maybe I can stash some baguettes for sustenace.
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Details are my passion. From curating vignettes to designing spaces. I thrive in finding the finds and just discovered the art of collecting...all while sipping on a cafe au lait & a french macaroon in hand.

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