The Dilemma

Hello friends! Thought you may be able to help little ol’ me. I’ve been having a dilemma lately….to buy or not to buy a new home. We have been living in a condo for the past two years but I’ve been itching to have a bigger space & an outdoors we can call our own. It’s hard to complain, we live in downtown Austin which is the perfect combination of urban living yet as close to nature as you can get. I’m ready for that new space, yet the husband thinks that selling our condo would be a mistake given that the real estate economy is just now rebounding & that holding on for at least two more years would be well worth it. Of course, it’s different if we can afford two mortgages. Maybe rent a house, lease our space? But that would also mean holding off on a dream and sort of, waiting until I can fulfill painting my own canvas and seeing me, my husband and my daughter enjoy a dinner al fresco overlooking old trees…our trees. After all, when you are an avid design enthusiast, isn’t your home your own masterpiece?

This home which is now owned by a Depeche Mode band member was Jenna Lyons’. It’s been blogged & reblogged but when a home has so much character and good bones, I just can’t help but rave about it over and over…

Of course, marriage is about compromise & having “our” dream, not “my” dream.” Is waiting for more money worth delaying having that home? And having this itch is not something that came overnight, it has been brewing for a year or two {I’d like to think I believe in delayed gratification}. It maybe so superficial of me to think that a house with a courtyard will symbolize our family {with or without an actual house — we’re a family} but…. This is of course my point of view and I understand my husband as well. Any words of wisdom, thoughts?


So sorry for the delayed posting but check out Jody’s post from About Last Weekend for our Inspired Spring series.

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10 thoughts on “The Dilemma

  1. Hey Maureen, totally understand your predicament. I had the same one two.years ago when property prices nose dived here in Ireland and my dream home seemed to be just that, a dream. But If you buy and sell in the same market you’ll be ok as of you wait 2 years there will increase (maybe) on both properties so it’s all relative! I’d say go for it! That’s what we did and we’re delighted with our decision! Good luck! Sharon

  2. Maura on said:

    Where’s the crystal ball when we need it! I agree with Kim – if you wait, you’ll likely be paying more for your dream home in two years. If you think you’re going to hold onto your current condo as an investment property, go out and start looking. It can’t hurt to see what’s on the market. Mortgage rates are crazy low now but will only increase as the economy recovers. If you find the home of your dreams, you may want to go for it. There are pros to investment properties (depreciation write-offs, etc.). Best of luck!

  3. We will probably someday lease out our house and move on to a “forever” home. At the end of the day you have to do what you both feel comfortable doing. I think talking to a financial planner can really help in this situation, they’ll be able to tell you the pros/cons of a financial investment like this. But overall the question firs is: Do you want to be a landlord ?

  4. In the Statesman this weekend they had an article about how Austin housing values have held steady this year (thank goodness for no big spike in property taxes), so your husband is probably right that you will be able to sell your condo for more if you wait. However, you will also have to pay more for your next home as well, so whatever more you make you may have to spend for your next home, so it’s a wash.

  5. My idol is 60 years old. She just moved into Spearman from 26 miles off of a ranch that has been in the family name for 100 years. They still have the ranch, but they moved into aunt’s home that was a B&B…she is busy painting, decorating, wiring…and it’s like they are newlyweds..she brags about their new full size bed! I mean it…go for it..whatever IT is!

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