Austin Downtown Living Tour Recap

So, I’m two weeks late posting about the Austin Downtown Living Tour. Well, this recap is just a partial as I wasn’t able to do the whole tour & had a shoot that afternoon. Anyway, here are some of my snapshots & some things I learned about Downtown & Urban Living.

1. Bedroom Must Have | The Upholstered Headboard: Because of minimalist surroundings, it seems upholstered headboards is a must for that modern bedroom, it gives it the right amount of coziness in the room but maintaining the “coolness” & “chicness” of the surroundings.

2. Make an impact with lighting: Of course every designer & decorator knows that but with modern spaces, every piece should be a statement & the lighting is no exception.

3. Don’t neglect the entryway: Another no-brainer, right? Yes, the foyer or the entryway should be the first place to exude pizzazz.

 4. Choose your decoration wisely: Is it too much to make every piece in a space a conversation piece? I say, a big NO to that. I’m thinking a huge golden nugget, a much huger {?} wall puzzle and a floor to ceiling sculpture of vintage books all fit the conversation piece description.

5. Vignettes shouldn’t be fuzzy: I sort of love maximalism, but in these spaces, being unfuzzy is the way to go!

Thanks so much to DANA & POM PR for a wonderful tour! I especially loved The W & Four Seasons!

Before I end this post, here’s my ever faithful co-conspirator when it comes to Home Tours {Thanks again Kindra & a sneak peek of the photo shoot I styled that day.

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