9 Patterns : Black and White Floors

I adore hardwood floors either in dark, dark brown or ebony that it’s almost black or painted white for a cottage feel. But lately, I’ve been swooning over black and white floors. It seems a neutral plus another neutral equals a bold statement but it’s still not over the top. With white and black floors, images of a 1950’s diner first comes to mind, but as you will see, you can go black and white in different patterns.

1. In a Zigzag pattern, it exudes a modern feel  2. Simply checks is always a classic  3. Diagonal lines? Looks fab!  4. Striped gives it a coastal feel  5. At first I thought this was an area rug, but it’s a quirky pattern in marble  6. Of course I adore everything with a dash of gray  7. Diamond pattern  8. Lattice gives it a traditional feel  8. The beehive pattern — David Hicks would love this!

What do you think? Eclectic but classic. Sophisticated yet not pretentious! Now, let me see if I can do any of these patterns in stencil.

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2 thoughts on “9 Patterns : Black and White Floors

  1. Kristina on said:

    Loved it so much! I love white rather than black but these two combination always bring really unique and bold look for any place. Above pictures are expressing its features very well. I would love to have the black color for my existing white furniture to make it more calming and bold. Thanks much for sharing this useful post.

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