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To all of you who have flower gardens…well, I’m so jealous! Love, love flowers and it’s either I grow them myself or I’ll go broke. In the coffee table, console or dining area… I think they are just the ultimate decorative item. But the best place for them? The bedside table. Together with a reading lamp & your favorite books, a vase with gorgeous flowers just completes the perfect bedside table vignette, don’t you think?

So, here’s a couple of vases that I think will be just gorg for that bedside table {and yes, I’m a bit biased}:
 1. Gem Vase: something totally different & will nestle perfectly on a tray 2. Faceted Yellow Vase: because geometry & a pop of yellow is just perfect for Summer 3. Glass Wall Pockets: I see them on the wall atop the bedside table, function + beauty 4. Galvanized Planters | Vases: for the rustic or Country vignette 5. Bubble Vases: holds a bud & a photograph at the same time 6. Parisian Vases: simple, classic, chic! 7. Sputnik Vases:  modern & quirky vibe
 Waking up to beauty has never been easier. I wish all of you happy mornings for the week ahead!

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3 thoughts on “The Bedside Table Staple

  1. Yes! Bedside and I also enjoy flowers in my kitchen. If I had unlimited funds, I’d have a small arrangement in each room.

    Beautiful vase selection!

    Enjoy the start to your week!


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