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Is it wrong to choose a restaurant just by how it looks from the outside? From my husband’s experience, I do that all the time. I guess, you can say, when it comes to food, I have no loyalty. I like trying something new all the time. So, on a Sunday brunch while cruising at South First here in Austin, we drove by this cafe that we had to turn around. I was drawn to the candy-colored pink and turquoise facade, the striped gray awning was an added bonus and the word Boulangerie literally called my name. This is Elizabeth St. Cafe which offers a French Vietnamese light fare, always with an Austin vibe of course!

French Doors everywhere! Bringing the outside in & the inside out.

A lot of light, striped + turquoise caned chairs and marbled black & white floors are amazing together!
The Parisian chic wallpaper is unexpected in the bar area but totally adorable!
The bar stools have a mix of turquoise & mint hues. The marbled bar with curvy brackets are distinctively French.
You know how I love arched hallways!
The Cafe at night.

 The food? I’m a bit partial as I love Asian & French food. We had a couple of Banh Mi’s {Vietnamese Style Sandwiches}, Nigori Breakfast Punch and Pots De Creme for Dessert, well because Creme Fraiche is good with anything! I’m definitely coming back!

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3 thoughts on “Elizabeth St. Cafe | Austin

  1. WOW! such a cool place, I love finding places like that. Like you I decide on a restaurant from the outside. I think its a good guage as if the owners have thought about the exterior then you can be pretty sure the kitchen is the same. I really ADORE that marble counter on brackets – what a brilliant idea for a kitchen??


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