Ongoings at the Casa

We have been officially at the new-old house for 3 weeks now. My project list keeps on getting longer & longer. I’ve done a few things at the casa. Let’s have a recap shall we!
I found this pristine 1960’s console in black and gold [not my original color palette but I had to get it!] and some bamboo mirrors at an amazing mid-century shop here in Austin, Uptown Modern. Glorious selections and great staff — you must visit!

My pair of white tufted chairs is now out of hiding from the storage….and another impulse buy is this cowhide from Fortney’s just a block away [Please don’t judge!].

You may think the house is becoming a hodge-podge of sorts but while I’m trying to get everything together, some furniture that I’ve been collecting through the years is in the house now. Like this Shabby chic-French Country chair. And I still adore my coat/hat rack from Austin Woodhenge. Can you tell, I do buy local?

I still need a sofa console and end tables where I can put lamps, in the meantime, my union jack bin is currently my makeshift table.

I thought of giving the front porch a little bit of quirky personality, the house is old but it doesn’t mean it has to act old. Striping the stairs felt like a good answer.

The house still has a long way to go before it feels like ours but I’m thoroughly enjoying every minute of it. May I just say, having more space is amazing!

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