Classically Divine Workspace

In keeping with the peeks we’ve been giving you of Maureen’s gorgeously styled home, today we’re taking a look at her classically-inspired workspace.  Any workspace that’s clear and organized looks immaculately styled to me, as I’m one of those “messy creative” types who always seems to be working on some paper-cluttered surface.  Maureen’s desk, however, is a textbook example of keeping your workspace simple and clean, yet still inspiring.  I particularly love her choice of emerald green as an accent color, very in for fall!
The color palette of white, gold, emerald, and cream is lovely, doncha think?
Details make the decor, and these vintage floral coasters are the perfect detail.
Mixing classicism, coastal, and vintage pieces makes for an eclectic and very personal vibe.
V&M‘s lovely opera glasses making a cameo on the left…truly gorgeous things.
This lady can really find the finds!  Anyone out there know where to get emerald accent coral from?? Well, come to find out it’s from one of her beach escapades and she just spray painted them in this jewel of a color!
And on top of everything else, she can paint too!  A beautiful original work by Mrs. MStevens herself.
So in making this post I have inspired myself to get at least slightly more organized in the hopes of one day having a workspace this swoon-worthy.  For now, it will just be exciting to re-discover the top of my desk!
Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday,

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