Halloween Is For The Birds

By now you’ve probably caught the gist of our enthusiasm for shabby chic or urban cottagedecor. But we can get festive too!  While visiting the lovely Mrs. Stevens’ new abode, I snapped a few shots of her Hitchcock-inspired Halloween vignette.  It’s a lovely mix of spooky and chic, don’t you agree?

The overall layout of things…branches filled with ravens circled by never-blinking owl statues, and naturally, lots and lots of black.
They’re watching you…in a creepy, but kinda cute way.
Somewhere out there, Hitchcock is smiling.
 Is it just me or the ravens seem to come more alive at dusk?
Just a quick peek into some of our personal decor choices, let us know how your seasonal decor is shaping up!
Have a creepy crawly lovely Monday 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Halloween Is For The Birds

  1. Marina Klima on said:

    Oh, it is creepy but perfect for the Halloween theme. Adding a touch of autumn decors helps enhance an attractive effect. A cute and unique idea, thank you.

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