HGTV Headboard Project

So, the truth is I’ve never designed a headboard before. I guess it’s because I’ve been in love with upholstered pieces so much and I’m not sure I’ll have a future in upholstery. HGTV often ask bloggers and designers to come up with something unique, so when I received that precious e-mail, I was giddy with excitement yet flustered at the same time. Hmmm, what to make? What to make? It has to be affordable and has never been done before. I came up with a shapely piece, painted it with chalkboard paint and added a whimsical silhouette. It’s perfect to write little reminders [and yes, you can get dustless chalk] and make the piece personal with your kid’s silhouettes instead.


I’m glad people loved it! Aside from HGTV [slide 3], it was also featured at Apartment Therapy, Desire to Inspire and other design sites. Now, on to the next challenge…

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8 thoughts on “HGTV Headboard Project

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    • Hello Faith…it’s basically the width of an MDF headboard, which is about 4 feet. Somebody else cut it for me & I just hand drew the shape I wanted it to look like. The midline was so important to get it just perfect. I hope that was a bit helpful. I can measure the whole headboard for u if u would like.

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