Lenoir Love

I have become a foodie…not! I’d like to think my taste has become so refined after watching Top Chef so much & learning fancy words. I’m still in awe when servers tells me their specials and throw in the words like “amuse bouche,” “veloute” or even the simple “reduction.” Frankly, these people should be poets!

Even though Austinites have been dubbed a Worst-dressed metropolitan city before {of which I complete disagree, we are mostly either Bohemian Chic [or not] or comfort posh [aka flip-flops]}, I must say, Austin restaurants are both fashionable and scrumptious!This weekend, I got to check out the newest hip resto in town off of South First, Lenoir. A friend is having her engagement party there. It is the perfect combination of laid-back chicness, rustic whimsy and a new take on Southern elegance.

It is teeny-tiny and totally unpretentious on the outside. We got to chat up with the Chef and their plans for the outdoor area {scattering antique furnaces, installing more chandeliers/lanterns playfully in branches — I would totally get married here!} while savoring a charcuterie platter and a rose’ in hand. That is Southern hospitality at it’s best.

It’s a must check-out whether you live here or an out-of-towner. Next up, I totally fell in love with Perla’s little sister, Clark’s on West 6th as well this week [gathering some pics for y’all]. Have a great week ahead!


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