5 Unique Thanksgiving Tables

1. A white canvas with splashes of plum/mulberry/oxblood and antiqued silver candle holders [via Cooking Channel TV]

Hello friends! I still can’t believe it is Thanksgiving tomorrow…Can you believe it? Some of you may be quite the hostess and have the big meal all planned out {gosh, the cooking probably already started!}, there’s a scent of Fall in the air in your home and yes, your Thanksgiving tablescape is ready to go. Whatever plans you have, I’m sure it will be gorgeous! I’ve never made a Thanksgiving tablescape before, partly because we have a small family and mostly, because I don’t cook {a serious tragedy}. Maybe next year somebody can cook and I’ll decorate the table? Oh, I’ll do the eating too! Well, even though I won’t decorate the table this year, I’m taking cues from these non-traditional, unique Thanksgiving tables.

2. Modern and bold colors of hot pink and blues with an eclectic mix of patterns [via Furbish Studio]

3. Golden Giving Table [via Confetti Pop]

4. Sleek and modern with lucite, chrome and yes, gold branches! [via TYID.tv]

5. A bold pattern, bayberry leaves, gold mirror and an antler makes a statement! [via Modern House]

So, I’m guessing you have to go back to cooking or just preparing for guests to come. Have an amazing day, an amazing night…tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

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One thought on “5 Unique Thanksgiving Tables

  1. Thank you for the lovely comment on my garden! I love these table scapes – i think I like the sleek and modern one best – its really innovative!
    Rachie xo

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